Adding to my Clayton Kershaw PC

With the official end of my Matt Kemp PC earlier this year, I’ve decided to turn my attention to a few other interests, namely my Clayton Kershaw PC.

I’ve been collecting Kershaw ever since I came back into the hobby about six years ago. In fact, one of my first posts highlighted a recent Kerhsaw relic I had picked up. But because so much of my attention was on building out my Kemp PC, I never truly got going on my Kershaw PC…at least not as much as I’d have liked.

I’ve really got to get a printer/scanner…phone pics don’t do these cards justice.

I’m currently sitting at 131 Kershaw cards, in large part due to a couple of mail days from both my dad and best friend over the past two weeks.

I’ve recently looped my dad back into the hobby after a long hiatus, and we’ve been opening up boxes over video calls for the past month. I initially got into the hobby after inheriting all of his junk wax after he stepped away years and years ago, so it’s cool to share the hobby with him now.

He shipped over a large chunk of my collection I was storing in his basement, including all of the Kershaw cards above. Gotta love that Stadium Club shot.

My friend Dikran was holding onto the rest of my collection and shipped nearly ten blaster boxes worth of cards to me early this week. Needless to say, I’ve spent most nights this week sorting through all of that fun cardboard.

Though I’ve largely been out of the hobby for the past couple of years, only picking up packs here or there when I can find them, Dikran has been picking up blaster boxes of new products when he sees them. He doesn’t care about the base cards, as he only chases hits, so he shipped me everything he’s picked up over the past couple of years. While I disagree with his collecting philosophy, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take all of these “worthless” base cards off his hands.

Now that I’m fully back in the hobby, I’m excited to push forward with my Kershaw PC, and I’m actively searching for cards I don’t have. I know there are approximately eleventy hundred active Dodger-bloggers out there, but reach out if you want to swing a trade. You can send me an email on my Contact page above or reach out to me on Twitter (@markle05).


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