Dollar Store Packs

After a lackluster year of collecting in 2018, I was determined to start off 2019 with a bang. Determined, I planned a trip to Target (one that is out of the way via public transportation) in the hopes I would find a blaster box or two. But I had no luck–the Target only had football cards.

To the interwebs, I thought next, as I logged onto eBay. Maybe I’ll find some Topps Chrome or something to start off the year–and I did. A hobby box of 2018 Topps Chrome for only $37.00? This seems too good to be true, I thought. But the seller checks out and the item has sold in the last hour. Let’s go ahead and order!

The excitement of that steal of a deal lasted only a few minutes before I was greeted with an email from eBay stating that the seller had been hacked, the listing was cancelled, and I wouldn’t be getting my cards. Oh, and it didn’t give me any indication of how to go about a refund. Fun times.

But I was determined, so as a last-ditch effort, I decided to take a long walk to the dollar store. And what did I find?

Two measly packs of 2018 Panini Donruss. This is the way 2019 begins. Not with a bang, but a whimper.

Pack 1

#158 – Corey Seager – Dodgers

Not a bad first card, to be honest. Seager was out for most of 2018 recovering from Tommy John surgery but should be back and healthy in 2019.

#132 – Christian Yelich – Marlins

A mainstay of my fantasy baseball team for years, Yelich broke out in a big way in route to the NL MVP for the Brewers in 2018.

#74 – Duke Snider – Dodgers

More Duke Snider cards, please.

#168 – Josh Donaldson – Blue Jays

Pack 2

#216 – Dave Concepcion and Tony Perez – Reds

While I applaud the sight of a Dave Concepion and Tony Perez card, this thing is just…terrible. It’s boring, bland, meh, whatever you wanna call it, I don’t like it. The position plate on the bottom right of the card is invasive unnecessary, and Panini’s lack of MLB licensing really hurts them here.

#178 – Carlos Martinez – Cardinals

#102 – Nelson Cruz – Mariners

#11 – Jose Altuve – Astros

Not a bad showing overall, as I managed two Dodgers in just eight cards. I’m not a huge fan of Panini products (or the unlicensed products in general), and some of these just seem hit or miss. The dual Concepcion-Perez card is a disaster, but the vertical cards are decent. The splash of baseballs behind the position is a nice touch, too.

Though 2019 didn’t start out quite the way I envisioned, I can’t say cracking some dollar store packs wasn’t fun.


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